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Taidan is a Japanese word meaning dialogue.

In Finnish it refers to a subject who possesses the ability to do things - someone who can.

Dialogue and subjectivity.

Those are our core beliefs.

Taidan was created in order to manage the well-being of employees. It was not designed for the corporate management. Each step of our design process has been guided by our employee-centered focus. Workplace well-being is a subjective experience which should be heard and appreciated as such and developed through dialogue.

Workplace well-being comes from ability and success, not from measuring. Experiential learning is the core of Taidan. And that is what we are here to invite you on board with.

Taidan guides its user to research and develop their own work and ways of acting in the working environment. This employee-centered research and development work creates measurement data as a by-product. The measurement data can be utilized by the management in their work.

Supporting the self-organizing of workplace well-being has been the foundation of our design. Therefore Taidan works as a support for workplace well-being even when the management cannot or is not able to function as needed.

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Taidan is owned by Idego Consulting Oy (VAT number: 2142011-9)

Maria-Elisa Kuusisto

MSc (eng.), Professional Supervisor (STOry), Management Consultant


040 481 8812

Anna Hoikkanen

Project Manager, BBA


044 986 3319

Eerika Kuusisto

Project Associate


040 673 0644

Sampo Keuramo, B.Soc.Sc.

Sampo is a social psychology major student at University of Tampere.

Sampo is conducting his master’s thesis research and studying the user experience and effectiveness of Taidan.

We are excited to have Sampo join us in our mission to create healthier workplaces!

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